Plot Like A Boss

Every writer has had the terrifying experience of reading their own work and wondering why a total stranger would be interested.  Often, the missing element to successfully lure a reader into your work is plot. 

Maybe you've created a riveting character, yet if nothing is happening on the page, if the protagonist isn't under any duress a reader's attention will wander. 

In this 90 minute online class, we will examine ways to pace and structure your plot points to extract every drop of excitement from them.  Whether you're a short story writer, an aspiring novelist, or a memoirist concerned your material is moving too slowly, this class will help you zero in and identify the ways to up the tension! 

The 90-minute online class will include the following:

  • A 30-minute craft lecture: “Plot progressions: techniques to build a rising action"
  • 2 guided writing prompts, one on selecting a story’s opening image, the other on what would come next (organically building upon that first impression).
  • Roundtable Discussion: Specific techniques to implement these plot progressions idea into your work-in-progress.

As part of this class you'll also get access to Decant's private Facebook group for ongoing peer support and community building. Writing can be lonely -- when it’s just us and our C: Drives -- and we want to foster a writing community where we'll all have the necessary support to finish the next draft. 

Join Us! 

When: Saturday, April 2nd, 10 am PST

Where: Online -- all you need is a computer and a internet connection to attend!

Cost: $55.00