Writing Prompt || September

Back seat jumper

At Decant, we talk a lot about the connections between a character (how and why a protagonist is doing what she's doing) interacting with plot (what's actually being done in the scene.)  This relationship can lead to some wonderful and necessary discoveries for our audience. 

Usually, though, we discuss these things in regards to adult narrators.  What about a kid?

The Setup

Write as though you're a child, in the 1st person, and he is about to do something "unbelievable," but to him, it makes perfect sense.  Your task is to make it make perfect sense to the reader.

The Prompt

Ricky is in the backseat of his parents' car.  They are in the front.  They are arguing.  Again.  It never stops.  And Ricky can't take it anymore.  The car is only going 20 miles per hour and he throws himself out his door, to get away from the screaming voices.

Have fun and happy writing! 

PS If you're up for it, share your prompt in the comments! We'd love to see what you came up with.