Writing Prompt || November

Often, we get self-conscious or worry about writer's block and whatnot when we have too much time.  So today, we'll do a timed exercise.

Set a timer and for 10 mins straight, JUST WRITE. Don't worry about grammar or spelling or anything. Simply let your imagination loose!

Baptism At The Carwash

The Setup: You are helping your boyfriend transport their paintings from one art studio to another.  There are several oil paintings in the backseat of your car.  You are alone.  And you can't stop thinking about his disclosure that morning: he had an affair.  And here you are like a huge sucker helping him move his paintings anyway?  You sort of snap, dislocate from reason.  You see a gas station and decide to go through the car wash with your windows rolled down to ruin the bastard's paintings.

The Prompt: Write the crazy moment when the car is actually going through the car wash.  Keep "you" in the car with the paintings during the wash.  Let your reader in on the wild thought process.  How does the character feel as the "baptism" goes on?

Have fun with this -- and if you're up for it, share your work as a "comment" below. I'd love to see where this prompt takes you!